Pasadena Overhead Door, Harris County, Texas, is a reliable 24-hour service. Do your need garage door repairs? With our help you won't have to continue parking your new automobile outside exposed to weather elements. Rather than risk debris or tree branches scratching your paint, call us. We can get your covered indoor parking back in operation.

Openers & Springs Repaired

One of the joys of owning a home in this Houston city is the right to have your own driveway. While this is a spot you can rest your vehicle conveniently, it is great to park your vehicle inside if you have garage door opener repair. Pasadena Overhead Door has a truck ready to drive to your home. We will provide you with outstanding services at any time, 7 days a week in Zip code 77501.

Garage door spring repair is one of the most requested services. It is also one of the most dangerous. This is especially so if handled by a homeowner with no experience or knowledge of handling these sort of repairs. If you feel the urge to do it yourself to save yourself a few bucks, think about the orthopedics’ bill if you end up breaking a leg or an arm. You don't have to go it alone because Pasadena Overhead Door, Harris County, TX, is a cheap service. You will find us affordable.


24 Hour Emergency Repairs Offered For Door & Cables

We work with any budget when you need emergency garage door repair but your finances are tight. We offer discounts especially to senior citizens on fixed income. On holidays and weekends we will also be available. We avail ourselves because we know that emergencies don't choose a convenient time to happen. We service all types of doors including, fiberglass, steel, wood, roll up and overhead.

Another frequent part to break is cables. Do you need garage door cable repair? It is highly advisable that you let a licensed, trained and skilled technician to handle this job. Just like springs, this part has extreme tension resulting from holding in place more than 300 pounds. You wouldn't want these to snap and land on your feet even if you wear Texas-sized steel boots. Pasadena Overhead Door is well equipped and highly experienced to provide you with these repairs.

Panels & Remotes Repaired For Home & Business

While the bulk of our business is residential, we also provide commercial garage door repair. Customers with shipping and receiving businesses find our service important. This is because we help them speed things up a bit. We also help them cut costs. This is the goal of every business owner and it is our aim as well.

You don't throw away your vehicle just because it has a fender bender. You also don't drive around with a big dent on your lovey vehicle even if the damage was not covered by insurance. You find a way to get it fixed. Similarly, we won't recommend buying a new door simply because you have dents. We encourage you to do garage door panel repair. This is a service that we can do for you at an affordable cost.

Call Pasadena Overhead Door, Texas, if you need a garage door remote. These devices last a long time and continue to serve you for years. But if they fail to function, they can present you with some challenges. The convenience of getting home and dry even when it is pouring down outside is something you don't take for granted. We appreciate the importance of this device and can repair or replace it for you.

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